Böwö Short Film Festival

Böwö means “light” in the costarican indigenous bribrí language. The Bribrí Culture is the biggest indigenous culture present in the region of South Limón. On the other hand, “Light” is that which cinema captures; and present to us in the form of film, movies, television and audiovisual media. We are very interested in bringing some of the costarican cinema to regions that haven’t had the chance to have a movie theater of their own; and therefore shine some “light” on these artistic legacy in rural communities. Through the art of shortfilms people may spark inspiration, awe, imagination and deep connection between them and their community.

Böwö is a 3-Day Short Film Festival in the at risk community of Limón to showcase Costa Rican short films to educate, and inspire the local community composed mainly of women and youth about education, innovation and entertainment towards building using film creation as a tool towards building more resilient and safe communities.

ENSO Films has the mission of promoting, strengthening and supporting art and culture, especially film. With the financial support of the United States Embassy and culture and community oriented ONG's like Filmoteca and Semillas we are creating this Böwö Short Film Festival initiative with the important goal of offering a window to Costa Rican cinema in regions of the country with no access to movie theaters.

This 2020 our gathering for the Böwö Short Film Festival will be Cieneguita, Limón. You are cordially invited!

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Screenings at Böwö Short Film Festival

Short films for everyone!

UCLA Shorts

Great shorts from one of the top film universities in the U.S will be shown at Böwö to bring new and fresh visions from young filmmakers.

Open Call for Short films

Live action, documentaries and animation films of 30 minutes or less, from Costa Rica, will be able to participate in the Festival's main competition.

Historic National Shorts

The best short films from Costa Rica. Works of great quality created by the nation's top filmmakers, will be in this out of competition screenings.

About Cieneguita

Limón, a community formed mostly by immigrant afro descendent populations, brought to Costa Rica to build the railway to transport banana to San José, and has been historically isolated from the rest of the country. At first due to the natural inaccessibility of the area, later by the stigma created around race and the socioeconomic conditions of their population. Cieneguita is formed in the same way by immigrant populations from English colonized islands and also from other parts of the country. Their founders worked in the fishing industry and banana plantations, but remained an isolated community impoverished by low wages and inequality. Cieneguita is also home of a variety of identities, ethnicities and cultures, its social landscape is as diverse as its natural environment, surrounded by the tropical humid forest characteristic of the Caribbean area is also the façade to the ocean.

During the 1990s Limón and Cieneguita are vulnerable areas target of drug trafficking violence, being a port by which the entry of illegal drugs is very accessible. This has a direct impact in the community’s image and mostly in their young population, characterized by their vulnerable conditions due to poverty, access to education and infrastructure that would ensure their quality of life.

With an organized neighbors association, the community also has other collective efforts to activate and recover their beach front public space and create a safe and clean natural environment. Examples of this local associations are Waves and Smiles Surf Therapy Academy and Asociación de Fútbol Mixta del Caribe, led by members of the Cieneguita Barrio. Both work with vulnerable children and give them the tools to avoid drug addiction and violence through sports and the love of nature.

Using that very same platform we now pretend to create a Short Fim Festival in Cieneguita, as to apply the same principle but transferring the interest from sports to the arts, in this case, through costarican short films.

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